Worm castings & FRAZZ?


Do you use worm castings? & how would you use them. I’ve also recently heard of insect frazz. Any thoughts?

(Jonas Dupuich) #2

I haven’t used them but I’d expect them to work well. They often have a low NPK so it may be worth supplementing with additional fertilizers.

(Bruce Williams) #3

Insect “frass” is the debris or usually, feces (bodily waste) of insects. Depending on the species of insect, it can appear as small (like finely ground black pepper) black dots on the top or underside of a leaf. In another species of insect on a plant or tree, it might be clumped into a larger pile. (In termites, it can be the sawdust their boring produces.) Some insects or their larva (immature forms) use the clumped frass as protection from predators. That, unfortunately, can cause difficulties when we try to apply control materials or chemicals.