Would this make a good Bonasi or not?

(Eric) #1

Is this to big to make a good Bonsai? too tall? too leggy? or does it look ok?
I was camping and found this guy at the top of the hill. Very loose, maybe a small cut and a pull and it would be out.

thanks in advance

(Justin) #2

if you dont want it, i’ll take it hahaha

(Jonas Dupuich) #3

What kind of pine is this?

While it’s a bit hard to tell from the photo, the one thing that comes to mind is that significant bending or grafting may be necessary to get foliage closer to the interesting lower parts of the trunk.

(Eric) #4

I’m not 100% sure of the type of pine .
It sounds like something I should leave on the mountain side… move on to other prospects?

(Jonas Dupuich) #5

My guess is that I’d take a closer look and then leave it on the rock.

(clive bennett) #6

If it will lift as easily as you say take it pines are flexible you can get the top much closer to the lower trunk easily . you have a fabulous find, good luck

(Richard Lawko) #7

I say go for it. especially if its just a cut and pull. ive seen some pines bent in crazy positions, ive recently collected a pinus contorta and its unbelievable how far its branches bend.
good luck