Wyoming Trident

(Dan Wiederrecht) #1

We had Owen Reich spend last weekend with us here in Douglas (Southeastern WY). We had a great time, and the trees we worked on turned out really well! Anyway, he brought along a new pot for my Trident maple (Acer Bugerianum). I think it looks great! The tree still has some development ahead of it, but I’m really happy with it so far. The pot is Koyo.

(Dan Wiederrecht) #2

Here are a couple of detail shots:

And last fall, pre - re-pot:

(Jonas Dupuich) #3

Hi Dan - the tree and the pot both look great, thanks for sharing :slight_smile:

The movement and branch development to date is really good, and the pot is a nice complement. The surface roots are also off to a good start - looking forward to seeing continued improvement!


Wow, a bold choice, but I agree it really works and it is your style. Its as if the Wyoming Trident likes it. It will be cool to watch it grow into it size wise.

(Maurizio Leo) #5

Just love this maple, what a tree! Maples struggle out here in the harsh desert of New Mexico but I have an acer palmatum viridis I’ve been growing for a while which is quite healthy (despite severe leaf scorch in the late summer).

For what it’s worth, I personally think the new pot is exquisite and works well with the tree!