Yaupon Holly Help Needed

(JR Dill) #1


I recently received this Yaupon Holly from a neighbor that bought too many for his landscaping project (he saw my trees in my back yard and rightfully thought I would be interested!). I am new to bonsai and this is the first Yaupon Holly for me. A couple questions I have about it:

  • It is very twiggy and very tall for it’s trunk size. Given the time of year, how far, if at all can I prune it back? I am in zone 9a, Houston, TX and we are still in the mid to high 80’s daily here.

  • Is there anything I can do with these large roots in the back side of the tree? Or should I just leave them alone and I’m sort of stuck with them?

(Jonas Dupuich) #2

Fun project! I’d likely wait until the weather is about to really warm up before doing major work. I’d likely start by repotting at the end of winter. The big cuts on the branches can happen then or a couple of months later once the tree really gets growing.

I agree that there are some big roots. Some can be removed during the initial repot - others can be removed during subsequent repottings.

(JR Dill) #3

Thanks, Jonas!

I made some initial “big cuts” on some branches that were broken (there were quite a few), and trimmed down the top a bit to let some light in. I’d say I kept about 75% or more of the foliage and branches.

I’m glad to hear I can cut out some of these roots! Definitely an eyesore.

I attended your demo and workshop last month here in Houston, and learned quite a bit! Looking forward to having you back in a few months, and hopefully I can bring this guy by to show some progress!

(Corey Feuge) #4

I think the roots have potetial and i would keep the woodier ones. This gives the tree character in the form of nebari, which is the large bulbous roots which I like yaupon hollies for.