Yaupon Holly Re-Pot

(JR Dill) #1

Hi Jonas. Thanks for coming out to Houston for a great workshop yesterday. I really appreciate your detailed instruction on re-potting, as well as all the other feedback we received. So when I got home I re-potted the Yaupon Holly into the nursery pot we got wired and prepped. Everything went well, except there were some really deep thick roots. Most of them were connected to exposed roots I was able to get rid of. The root ball was huge and I ended up getting rid of a little more than half of it. During the re-potting process I noticed that, because of the one drainage hole I could not quite get it centered in the pot. Should I re-do this, or will it be ok in the spot it’s in now?


(Jonas Dupuich) #2

Thanks for the update - the tree looks great! I wouldn’t worry at all about the position in the pot, it looks fine as is. Removing those roots that were sticking up helps - I’m glad you were able to get to them.

As for the heavier roots below, it’s OK to remove heavy roots as long as there are still plenty of fine roots coming from other spots. And if you left them all, that’s OK too as they can be reduced next time.

You can start feeding the tree in about a month - I expect new shoots as soon as it warms up a bit.

(JR Dill) #3

I actually went ahead and moved it closer to the center. I didn’t feel great with my wire work in securing it, so I got some more practice out of it. I also got to make another “little man” for another re-pot!


tha is again for all the education!

(Jonas Dupuich) #4

Looks good - here’s info about wiring down trees for the future:

(JR Dill) #5

So it has been roughly five months since I did a re-pot, initial branch selection, etc. with Jonas so I thought I’d do a quick update!

Here is the tree during the class and after some work was done. We ended up removing a bit more:

Here is about two months later:

And now this is today, five months later:

I’m really excited about the tree starting to fill out! Thanks for all the advice and instruction, Jonas! Especially on wiring down a tree in a pot with one hole. The little man is holding up!

(Frank Corrigan) #6

Thanks for posting the progression, valuable reference for others. Looking great.

(Jonas Dupuich) #7

The tree is looking fantastic - keep up the great work!