Yellow needles on two pine seedings

Hi all

I got these seedlings in my garden and recently the needles have been showing sign of weakness. on the JBP the needles are looking very light green. Its been raining alot recently where i live (london UK) so i’m wondering if that is why? i have a little green house. that i could put them in but i’m unsure if it provides enough light for bonsai

also i have two chinese white pine that seem to be struggling even more. the needles look pale and flacid with yellowing and browning aswell.

Is this all due to bad watering?

I would suggest you allow the soil to dry out a bit before watering. Also best to leave the pines outside in the sun. Yellow needles can be the result of overwatering.


Pour some water on the soil, if it doesn’t go away asap then I would re-pot in a better draining mix, they turn yellow when the fine roots rot from sitting in water, I use 4 parts spagnum 6 parts perlite, drains well, I put my yellow ones in the sun (not as much now in the PNW) and put under a table out of rain till they dry out once a little greener I repot in better draining mix. I used to buy mix and it just didn’t drain well.

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thanks both guys. i’m gonna keep them away from rain until they dired out a bit and try only manual watering so they don’t get too much. I’m in london and its raining pretty much every day at the moment so i’m gonna put the seedlings and my conifer bonsai in my “green house” for shelter

I see this on a number of my young pines too and I barely water them. Keeping them too wet is the most likely candidate for the discoloration but I’ll let you know if I can identify any pathogenic candidates.

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In the winter here in Washington I build a hoop house for my trees using rebar staked in the ground and 10’ pcv pipe that I bend into an arch. I then cover with plastic and loosely hold it over the hoops. This way if it’s not raining hard I can open the sides up, on a sunny day open it all the way, it still holds up to our 50mph winds we get with the zip ties. I also put wine bottles filled with water in there for the month or so that it gets down to freezing to help hold some heat.
FYI Clear plastic drop cloth so the sun still gets in, I can also put in an electric heater to keep it above freezing.


Super cool thanks Steve!

FYI I use 1/2" pvc pipe, you can bend it in the store and see that it’s flexible and slide right over the rebar stake.